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Classic Pocketknives

CONSIGLI ARBUS SKINNIG Model 53021 Ram’s Horn folding knife

CONSIGLI ARBUS SKINNIG Model 53021 Ram’s Horn folding knife

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Arbus is, together with Guspini and Gonnosfanadiga, one of the major mining areas of the South-West of Sardinia, also well-known for their production of knives. These include various models with a rounded blade, whose characteristics can be seen in the Consigli model.The cheeks in shiny ram’s (sheep) horn remain a distinctive sign of their Scarperia provenance.

The blade is unsprung, which was the tradition, the action is firm yet simple and smooth to both open and easy to close.

At first the action seems unusual, expecting the knife to snap open or snap closed, however the beauty is in its simplicity and its ease of use making it a very user friendly knife to open and close.

Regional knives are artisan knives that recall the most characteristic

Italian production, often linked to diverse customs, such as fishing, hunting or farming, but with one thing in common – an intensive use of what was once an indispensable tool.

The production of regional knives in Scarperia has very ancient roots; the wide production of ‘cutting irons’ – the ancient name for all cutting tools, in the centre of Mugello included numerous models of pocket knives destined for different areas of Italy outside Tuscany and which, for this very reason, followed the traditions of those areas.

In time the regional knife acquired a new symbolic and conceptual value, a link to the land and to the close following of traditions. This is why the processes linked both to the production of regional knives and the materials used have become increasingly sophisticated and valuable.

What has never changed is the method, which to this day still follows the

Fifteenth and Sixteenth century master knife-makers. Consequently the knives are produced by hand by skilled artisans, finely finished one step at a time in every little detail and finally decorated with painstaking engravings and noble materials.

The knife has a wide blade and is probably derived from older models.
In the picture: handle in Ram’s (sheep) horn.

Handles vary in colour from light to caramel through dark.

9.5 cm blade made of INOX stainless steel.

Length opened 20.5 cm.

Manufactured in Italy.

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