The Thiers Knife from France


Manufacturers in Thiers were somewhat resentful because they had been the major maker of the Laguiole knife for most of its history and suddenly the greatest demand shifted to those knives made only in Laguiole. The organisation ‘Confrerie du Coute de Tie’ in Thiers worked to develop a new concept for an alternative to the laguiole style knife. The fruit of the combined expertise of an entire profession resulted in the, “Le THIERS ®” knife, which is named after the eponymous town, the French capital of the cutlery industry, Thiers. I was only natural that they called this knife ‘The Thiers’ or ‘Le Thiers’ and manufacturers were now able to offer an elegant alternative to the ‘Laguiole’. The ‘Le Thiers’ is an outstanding knife that represents a distillation of the ancestral know-how of a long-standing cutlery tradition. To ensure that they also could guarantee that a Le Thiers knife met specific quality and design standards and was indeed made in Thiers, their trade mark was created to ensure its authenticity.  Manufacture is governed by the rules of a Master-ship modelled on those of the 1582 Master-ship, which regulated the cutlery crafts of Thiers for nearly three hundred years. Master Inspectors are authorised to monitor compliance with Master-ship rules at each step of knife manufacture. This is why “Le THIERS ®” is a knife with a guaranteed badge of quality: moreover, this trade mark has been definitively stamped into the metal of the Trade Marks and Registration Numbers Sheets for future generations.


 The T. symbol embossed on the heel of the blade.

These symbols are a guarantee that the knife you have purchased meets the stringent manufacturing guidelines to ensure such a high quality product.